Understanding Bahasa Indonesia will deepen friendships, forge business partnerships and open your mind to amazing possibilities.

Don’t be left out on the fringes of conversation. Learn Bahasa Indonesia and start enjoying chit chat, humour, even serious debate with acquaintances, friends or colleagues. Bahasa Indonesia Jakarta! We are here to help you achieve.


We are your trusted learning partner! We help people achieve their dream of learning Bahasa. For us, there is no greater accolade than to see your confidence grow while you learn to speak our language.


Teach Bahasa Indonesia in order to bring people together! We eat, sleep and breath this philosophy. As experienced native Bahasa teachers, we are totally dedicated toward you, the learner. Our point of focus.


You are the type of person who loves to learn. You realise that mastering Bahasa Indonesia will be incredibly useful and rewarding, while you live, work and play in Jakarta, the City you now call home.


Learn to understand and speak Bahasa Indonesia in a fun, motivating atmosphere taught by teachers who really care. Improve your speaking and reading skills or learn how to present for business.

It’s with great pride that we share just some of the kinds words bestowed upon us by our Students:

When I arrived in Jakarta, to work as an English Teacher, I could not speak a word of Bahasa Indonesia. Two years later I was still having terrible trouble understanding what was being said to me. After only three weeks with ‘Bahasa Indonesia Jakarta’, I was starting to maintain two way conversations with my Indonesian friends. BIJ, I can’t thank you enough! Terima kasih banyak!

Paul Jarvis, Private English Teacher

I had such a hard time learning Bahasa Indonesia. After nearly six years of living in the country and to my shame, I remained utterly useless at speaking the native tongue. I would always find excuses – too busy, too difficult, too tired. The only reason for my failure was myself. I decided to try again and contacted Bahasa Indonesia Jakarta. It was the second best decision I had made in six years, the first was proposing to my Wife.

Lucas Garfield, Garfield Exports Inc

I was introduced to Bahasa Indonesia Jakarta, by a colleague, after being commissioned by a well known American cooking magazine for their series called “The Flavors of Indonesia”. I signed up for a three day ‘intensive’ course that covered the bare basics. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot, not only about Bahasa but some helpful tips on Indonesian etiquette too! What a great team. I would recommend you in a flash!

Zoe Baxa, Freelance Travel Photographer