As a newcomer in Indonesia, you will probably feel like really confused about what people are talking about because you don’t understand the language at all. Then, you try to learn Bahasa Indonesia by yourself by checking out the online tutorial or learning through the videos. That might be working but you can learn Bahasa Indonesia quickly with English Today Bahasa Indonesia Course Jakarta. Moreover, there are some tips for you to learn Bahasa Indonesia quickly in Jakarta:

1. Having a private class

In order to be fluent in speaking Bahasa Indonesia, you can take a private class with English Today Jakarta. We provide a private lesson for you. The private lessons will give you many benefits because you are guided by a qualified and experienced trainer and the materials will suit your needs. You don’t need to worry if the class doesn’t give any benefits to you because we always give the best for our clients. By having the private class, you can practice a lot without feeling hesitant of making mistakes. The trainer will give immediate feedback on your mistakes so you can fix it and be better in speaking Bahasa Indonesia. Our trainer also knows what the possible challenges that will be experienced by the students while learning Bahasa Indonesia so you don’t need to be shy during the private class session.

2. Learning in real situation

Being fluent theoretically does not mean that you are also good in the real situation. You may be good in memorizing the words and sentence structure but it is different when you have to use it in the real world or daily life. Our trainer will give you the interactive lessons through discussion, role play, games and many else to support your Bahasa Indonesia learning. The trainer will also take you to the real situation where you have to use Bahasa Indonesia, for example ordering coffee in coffee shop or greeting people and introducing yourself. It is even more beneficial if you take the private class because the trainer will fully focus on you. When you are not sure, you can ask the trainer directly without feeling hesitate and worried of being embarrassed.

3. Practicing again and again

Learning a language means you have to practice a lot. You do not only practice when you are having the session but also when you are away from the private class session. You have to be brave to speak out what you have learnt so you can gain more when people give comment or even fix your mistakes. By doing so, you can improve through your language learning. Even though you have a trainer to teach you during the private session, you also have to motivate yourself to use the language more regularly outside the class so the progress can be seen.

If you are still uncertain with the lessons that you have to take, you can consult with us. You can contact English Today Jakarta now to get more information about learning Bahasa Indonesia Private Classes in Jakarta. We will make sure that you get the best learning Bahasa Indonesia experience with us.